About Us

Highfive Technology is the forefront of Electronic Technologies, helping customers from various disciplines to reach the market in a timely fashion. We start from the very inception of the design and carry it through all the way to production. The customer benefits from our experience of EMS, electronic and electrical solutions, choice of materials, resource of integrated chip, economies of scale, engineering, manufacturing . Our know-how in PCB and PCBA technologies could help you save time and money in a fast-paced market. 

Many of our customers have
 entrusted us to work with them on their NPI/Prototype needs and then to successfully transition those new projects to production volumes. Our NPI process ensures that your NPI requirements will be managed and built by the same Electronic Solutions Team and Equipments that will build your production volumes. This allows for a value added process that ensures a high quality and cost effective product for you. Accountability and superior customer satisfaction is provided by nothing being lost in the transition from the NPI/Prototype process to the higher volume production process.

Our attention to detail and commitment to the customer in a small business environment delivers a quality product on time. As EMS, ectronic and electrical Solutions,  PCB and PCBA technologies changes with time, we have kept pace with innovations and updated applications. If you are exploring new concepts in any design, tell us about your choices in new materials.We are centrally located in Guangdong, China. We have been in service for over 10 years. Our focus is on PCB manufacturing, but help is also available in design, and assembly areas in these disciplines. 

       Highfive Technology is special as below:

 Turnkey Solutions

 Prototyping

 Quick-turn

 Mix-Production

 Solid PCB Manufacturing and Assembly

 Cutting-edge Manufacturing

 Exceptional Turn Time

 Competitive Cost

 Complete Confidentiality

 Consulting of DFM/DFT/DFZ/DFX---
  X  = Cost, Sourcing, Assembly, Test, Quality, Reliability, Service

 Confirmation of EMI Control

 Gerber Review

 Documented Work Flow Structure

 Impedance and Current Control