Highfive Technology maintains a state-of-the-art facilities to keep up with increasing demands of quality and production volume. This is not an inclusive list, but it shows our intent to maintain a modern facilities.


-Inner Dry Film

-Black Oxidation

-Brown Oxidation

-Lay up


-CNC Drilling Machine

-Plating Electroless Copper, PTH, Panel Plating

-Dry Film Lamination

-Pattern Plating


-Dry Film Developing


-Solder Mask

-Component Marking


-Rounting Machine



-Surface Finishing: 


Immersion Tin

Immerision Silver

Flash Glod

Thick Glod

Slective Plating Glod

OSP/Slective OSP


HASL/Lead-free HASL/Slective HASL

-Electronic Testing

-PCB Assembling

-PCBA Testing


-Final Audit

Scoring  For more detail, please send email Today: info@hifipcb.com