Quality & Delivery

Stringent quality control ensures delivery of good product, We follow the industrial standards dictated by IPC and belows. PCBs are UL-rated for flammability in FR-4 and hybrid materials. Our shop is calibrated by an independent agency to maintain traceability to International Standards. Internal process controls and quality procedures keep the shop running smoothly. All this helps deliver product in a timely fashion at a market driven quality.

No. Standard Ramark
1 IPC-A-600E Acceptability of PCB
2 IPC-RB-276 Rigid PCB Accreditation and Performance Test
3 UL-796 PCB Safety Standards
4 MIL-P-55110D/E PCB Standards
5 MIL-P-13949 PCB Materials Inspection Norms
6 MIL-STD-105 Norms of Random Check
7 IPC-D-300 Size and Tolerance
8 IPC-TM-650 PCB Reliability Test Methods

Highfive Electronics can meet your delivery constraints as required. Quick-turn for your prototype work and deliveries spread over months for large volume in a blanket order, are all handled smoothly.

 Layer Prototype (Working Days) Mass Production (Working Days)
Single Side 3-5  5-8
Double Side 4-5 6-9
Multilayer 7-10 10--14

Highfive Electronics is dedicated to on-time product delivery, with special emphasis on proper documentation. Specification reviews with engineers and regular feedback will keep you abreast of any new developments on your product.