Energy & Energy electronics focuses on

  • Energy production
  • Storage
  • Transmission
  • Saving and utilizing related electronic technology fields
  • Energy Electronic Power Conversion
  • Power management
  • Power Battery Management
  • Energy harvest, etc.

Coal mining and development

  • Advanced manufacturing
  • Auto-Control
  • Information technology has been widely used in coal production
  • Development and Utilization of Coalbed Methane
  • High, medium and high concentration coalbed methane utilization technology has matured
  • The utilization technology of low concentration coalbed methane is in the stage of research and demonstration.

Oil and gas exploration and development

  • Three-dimensional Modeling of Complex Structures and Other Technologies are Widely Used
  • Development of Geological Data Acquisition Technology in Four Dimensions
  • Development of Imaging Logging Instruments towards Miniaturization, Integration and Networking
  • Shared terrain model and virtual representation technology are developing rapidly
  • Development technology of beach and offshore oilfields is developing towards platform integration, operation intellectualization and high reliability of equipment

Hydraulic power generation and transmission and distribution

  • Advanced New Type Transmission
  • Intelligent Technology
  • Improving Energy Utilization Efficiency
  • Power grid security
  • Distributed power supply characterized by energy cascade utilization has changed the traditional mode of centralized generation and large-scale transmission.

Nuclear power generation

  • The third generation water reactor technology is developing towards passive safety and taking measures to prevent and mitigate serious accidents.
  • The fourth generation nuclear power technology is developing towards Inherent Safety and economy, reducing waste and preventing nuclear proliferation.

Wind power generation

  • Wind Turbine Towards Large-scale and High Efficiency
  • The maximum capacity of a single unit of a running wind turbine is up to 7 MW.
  • Wind turbines over 10 MW are being developed
  • Offshore wind power has solved the technical problems of unit installation, power transmission, unit corrosion prevention and so on.

Solar power

  • Development of Solar Energy Utilization towards the Integration of Collection, Storage and Utilization
  • Maximum single-machine capacity of grid-connected photovoltaic inverters exceeds 1 MW
  • Photovoltaic automatic sunward tracking device has been widely used
  • Solar aircraft powered by photovoltaic power generation can fly around the clock