OLED Application Area

Because OLED has many advantages, OLED technology has a wider application scope than LCD technology. It can be extended to the fields of

  • Electronic products
  • Commercial
  • Industrial control
  • In addition, in recent years, major international enterprises are constantly strengthening the research of OLED technolog
  • OLED screens of small size can be installed in POS machines
  • Photocopiers and ATM machines
  • Advertising display screen for stations and airports
  • Smart phones
  • Notebooks
  • Television,
  • Tablet
  • Digital cameras
  • Transportation, OLED is mainly used for ship, aircraft instrument, GPS, videophone, vehicle display screen, etc. It is mainly used for small size. These areas mainly focus on the wide-angle performance of OLED
  • Automation and internationalization, and more and more intelligent operating systems are introduced, which requires more screens. Whether in touch screen display or viewing display, OLED is more widely used
  • Medical treatment, the influence of medical diagnosis and surveillance of operation screen are inseparable from the screen. In order to meet the requirements of wide field of view of medical display

OLED Application Superiority

  • Flexible
  • light and anti-aging,
  • Colors are beautiful and practical, bright
  • Wide perspective
  • High brightness
  • Visual effect is much better than LCD screen

Obviously, OLED display has a very high development space and huge market potential. But compared with LCD screen, OLED manufacturing technology is not mature enough. Because of the low yield and high cost, only some high-end equipment will adopt the top OLED screen in the market.

However, from the data of the first half of 2017, various manufacturers have increased their investment in OLED technology research, and many middle-end electronic products in China have used OLED display screen. From the perspective of the mobile phone industry, since 2015, the proportion of OLED screen applications has increased year by year. Although there are still not many LCD products, high-end smart phones have adopted the most advanced OLED screen. Therefore, the development of electronic products such as smart phones is bound to further promote the development of OLED.



Chip on board

This means that the chip is bonding on PCB because the IC manufacturer controls LCD and related.

TAB-Tape Automated Bonding

Anisotropic conductive adhesive connection mode. Encapsulation as TCP (Tape Carrier)

The IC of Package on-load package is fixed on LCD and PCB respectively with anisotropic conductive adhesives. This installation method can reduce the weight, volume, installation convenience and reliability of LCM.

COG- Chip on Glass

The chip is directly attached to the glass. This installation method can greatly reduce the amount of the entire LCD module, and is easy to mass produce. It is suitable for LCD used in consumer electronic products such as:

  • Mobile telephones
  • PAD and other portable electronic products. This mode of assembly will be the main connection state between IC and LCD in the future under the influence of the IC manufacturer.
  • Advertising display screen

  • Notebooks

  • Digital cameras

  • Tablet

  • GPS

  • Telecom

  • Vehicle display screen

  • Automation and industry control

  • Medical treatment, the influence of medical diagnosis and surveillance of operation screen are inseparable from the displaying screen, including touch panel

  • Others

COF-Chip on film

The chip is mounted directly on a flexible PCB. This connection mode has a high-integration and peripheral components can be installed on a flexible PCB together with IC.