High reliability with Strong Vibration Resistance

SMT processing is used in chip components, devices with high reliability, small and light, so the anti-vibration ability, automated production, Mount high reliability, general bad solder rate is less than ten ppm, bitung hole components of wave soldering technology is an order of magnitude lower, to ensure the electronic products or components solder defect rate is low, currently has almost 90% of electronic products by SMT technology.

Electronic products are small in size and high in assembly density

1/10 SMT patch element volume only traditional cartridge elements, while the weight is only 10% of the traditional inserting element, usually using SMT technology 40%~60% can reduce the volume of electronic products, reduce the quality of 60%~80%, the area and weight are greatly reduced. The SMT patch processing component grid from 1.27MM development to the current 0.63MM grid, an individual 0.5MM grid is achieved, through the hole installation technology, installation components, can make the assembly density higher.

High-frequency characteristics and reliable performance

Because the chip component is firmly installed, the device is usually without lead or short lead, which reduces the influence of parasitic inductance and parasitic capacitance, improves the high-frequency characteristics of the circuit and reduces electromagnetic and radio frequency interference. The circuit designed by SMC and SMD has the highest frequency of 3GHz, while the chip element is only 500MHz, which can shorten the transmission delay time. Circuit for clock frequency over 16MHz. If the MCM technology is used, the high-end clock frequency of the computer workstation can be up to 100MHz, and the additional power consumption caused by parasitic reactance can be reduced by 2-3 times.

Improve productivity and automate production

The perforated PCB mounting to realize full automation, also need to expand the original 40% PCB area, so as to make the plug inserting elements automatic plug-in, otherwise there is no space gap enough, will touch the bad parts. Automatic placement machine (SM421/SM411) adopts vacuum nozzle suction and discharge components. The vacuum suction nozzle is smaller than the component shape, but improves the installation density. In fact, small components and fine pitch QFP devices are produced by automatic placement machines to automate production across the board.

Reduce costs

(1) the use area of a printed circuit board is reduced, and the area is 1/12 of through-hole technology. If the CSP is installed, the area will be greatly reduced;

(2) reduce the number of drilling holes on the printed board and save the repair cost;

(3) reduce the cost of circuit debugging due to the improvement of frequency characteristics;

(4) because of the small size and light weight of the chip components, the cost of packaging, transportation, and storage is reduced;

SMT chip processing technology can save material, energy, equipment, manpower, time and so on, and can reduce the cost by 30%~50%.

Full automatic press

Printing accuracy + 0.025mm

Repeatability accuracy + 0.01mm

Minimum steel mesh size 470*380mm

Maximum steel mesh size 737*737mm

Platform tuning range X: + 4mm, Y: + 6mm

The adjustment angle of the platform is 2 degrees

The minimum size of veneer 50*50mm

The maximum size of single board 610*600mm

PCB thickness 0.4-5mm

PCB weight 0-3kg

Solder paste inspection comes with a 2D online inspection

Squeegee pressure 1-10KG

FUJI placement machine

Swivel head, 12 suction nozzles

Minimum mount 01005

Feida is equipped with electric Feida

Patch PCB thickness 0.3-6.5mm

Patch max size PCB 686*508mm

Minimum size PCB 50*50mm

The soft board can be affixed

Paste BGA minimum package 0.4mm

Patch accuracy is minimum, device accuracy is + 0.04mm, class IC, patch accuracy + 0.03mm

Mount speed 25000 points/hour

Throw rate

1, resistance-capacitance class 0.3% (batch index)

2, the IC class without throwing material

reflow oven

10 temperature zone reflux furnace in the warm zone

Over PCBA plate, the maximum size is unlimited, width 50-420mm

The range of temperature control – room temperature – 300 degrees

Temperature control accuracy + 1%

PCB plate temperature distribution deviation is + 1.5 degrees

Parameter reserve 80G

Conveying speed of reflow furnace 300-2000mm/min

Cooling method, air cooling

Auxiliary equipped with self-heating furnace test system + furnace temperature tester

PCB board element height is 15mm/ below 50mm

Check resolution 20